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Release Notes

Version 1.1.4
Release Date: 24/06/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Bug fix in components pricing breakdown brackets

Version 1.1.3
Release Date: 09/06/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Added Net and properly calculated VAT to quote / invoice / payment breakdown tables
  • • Removed 'Pipps Hill' from SAS Ltd address to save space and because it is not really needed
  • • Styled page to pay for the order without an account so that it looks like quote step 7
  • • Bug fix for payment code so that it always uses the most recent one
  • • Invoice shows original date when the order was placed, instead of the date when it was generated for printing
  • • Bug fix for QR Codes: if for some reason they haven't been generated, generate them when going to Orders > Order and update the database

Version 1.1.2
Release Date: 07/06/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Use of Office 365 server for emails instead of the local server
  • • SAS Ltd VAT number has been added to the 'Contact Us' page and on emails

Version 1.1.1
Release Date: 01/06/2022

This is a bug fix release:

  • • Email and invoice showed undefined for VAT and total price per PCBA
  • • Order confirmation email wasn't always sent
  • • Improvements to visualisations on password reset
  • • Email configuration parameters have been moved to a single file

Version 1.1.0
Release Date: 17/05/2022

This is a major release, so the version has been updated to 1.1.0! The following features are included in this new version:

  • • Major Home screen and log in revamp
  • • Introduction of Customer Portal on logging in
  • • Added Anglia as a supplier
  • • Introduction of 'Animated Tips' that pop-up on quote steps 1, 2, 3 and 6 to help the customer navigate those screens
  • • Quote (throughout): if there is an error with a field, said field will turn red for better UX
  • • Quote (throughout): display Quote number at the top
  • • Quote (throughout) bug fix: display error alert with multiple error messages if more than field is in error (it was overwriting instead of concatenating)
  • • Quote timeline bug fix: only show step 3 in green if all the BOM lines are green
  • • Quote timeline bug fix: show step 3 in green even if there is no part number in the original customer BOM
  • • Saved Quotes pop-up window on clicking on 'New Instant Quote': it only displays the last 5 saved quotes, and there is a link to Saved Quotes to access all the others
  • • Saved Quotes pop-up window on clicking on 'New Instant Quote' bug fix: redirect to first not completed step
  • • Quote step 1: added a pop-up to remind the user that they can message us for help or watch the video tutorial
  • • Quote step 2: improved UX and visuals (most of the screen is hidden until BOM is uploaded; hands point to the upload box; upload box is red until a BOM is uploaded, etc.)
  • • Quote step 2: changed the note above the upload box to remind users to use the Description column, and changed colours of it
  • • Quote step 3: added a 'Free Issue All' button
  • • Quote step 3: changed FI for Free Issue to make it more obvious, and changed the tooltip symbol and colour so that it stands out and the user is more likely to read it
  • • Quote step 3: added the expected spares percentage in the Free Issue tooltip
  • • Quote step 3: on loading the BOM, if searching by part number doesn't return anything (ie. no products and no alternatives), and if a description column has been selected, automatically re-search using the description instead, to maximise the number of non-red lines shown to the user
  • • Quote step 3: draggable modals
  • • Quote step 3: Add Component and Select Component tables in the modals now have fixed headers for clearer component selection by the user
  • • Quote step 3: introduction of a heartbeat for suppliers' APIs; a warning message will be dispalyed if an API is not responding, to alert the user
  • • Quote step 3: improvement in SAS-components offering by allowing the part number column to actually be a description
  • • Quote step 3 bug fix: free issue parts marked as free issue, as sometimes some parts didn't work
  • • Quote step 4 bug fix: if gold fingers are non-selectable, they are now stored as 'No' instead of undefined
  • • Quote steps 5 and 7: show alert to user if step 4 (PCB Details) not completed, as this will mean that PCBs / stencil price is £0
  • • Quote step 6: enforce file extensions for uploads, and display allowed extensions to the customer
  • • Quote step 6: changed delete button to a red bin, to keep consistency with other screens
  • • Quote step 7: added space to add company details (company name, position, and VAT number)
  • • Quote step 7: added buttons to print quote and share payment link (enabled only when all steps have been completed)
  • • After successful order payment ("quote step 8"): the screen now offers buttons with links to tracking the order and creating a ticket, and also it shows or hides the text about QR codes depending if the user is free-issuing parts or not
  • • Added payment reference and date and time to database
  • • QR Codes: use description if there is no part number
  • • Pricing bug fix: in case no PCBs are added and we only need to order a stencil
  • • Removed My Account dropdown from the top navbar, and instead used a button that redirects to the Customer Portal
  • • My Account Details: added confirmation before removing an address
  • • My Account Details: removed separate name and surname input fields in favour of one 'name' only
  • • My Account > My Orders > Order > Files: improvements in the downloadable BOM and better naming for all downloadable files
  • • My Account > My Orders > Order: bug fix for despatch date not appearing
  • • Changed layout of Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy
  • • Don't show messages bubble if we are in the Customer Portal or the Tickets area
  • • Adjusted emails so that it doesn't show undefined if there is no surname due to new register screen
  • • Re-styled forgotten password and email confirmation screens in line with new home screen
  • • Bug fix: video stops playing in the background after closing it
  • • Added YouTube link to page footer
  • • Bug fix: req.session.orderID was lost sometimes, now it's re-set on each quote step
  • • SEO content improvements
  • • General bug fixes and improvements
  • • When loading the saved quotes table (either from My Quotes or when showing the last 5 quotes from New Instant Quote), don't bother checking which step should be displayed... This will be done on actually loading the quote, which is much faster
  • • Throughout: changed PCBs + Stencil for PCBs / Stencil
  • • Throughout: added total PCBA price per unit, and added a new row to specify how much of the price paid for the order is VAT
  • • Throughout: added SAS Ltd's VAT number

Version 1.0.7
Release Date: 13/04/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Added 'Forgotten Password?' to Log In screen: on entering the email address, send out an email with a password reset link, valid for 24 hours
  • • Bug fix for storing the price to database
  • • Bug fix for going back to the first uncompleted step in a saved quote
  • • Bug fix in loading a saved quote to ensure that it works regardless if there is a timestamp saved for that step or not (back-compatibility with quotes started before this release)
  • • Bug fix in step 3 as sometimes BOM rows couldn't be deleted
  • • Bug fix in step 3 on adding new components to BOM: website link wasn't showing properly
  • • Bug fix in step 3 on saving the correct manufacturer part number in the database in case a SAS component was selected
  • • (Back-End) Usability improvements to email template
  • • (Front-End) Email improvements and enhancements
  • • Save to database when each quote step is completed
  • • Added timestamp to database when user logs in
  • • Text change to reflect that Assembly price also includes AOI
  • • Bug fix in tickets to cater for BST
  • • Removed orderRemark: "dfsdfsd" in favour of a blank string instead, from API call for PCBs
  • • Expanded content to be a more useful website and for better SEO
  • • Bug fix for creating new tickets from the order screen
  • • Bug fix so that new tickets must have a subject and message
  • • Added a pricing breakdown table in the calendar step for added transparency
  • • Bug fix in step 7 to stop showing a yellow alert with no text if all the quote steps are properly completed
  • • Swapped quote steps 5 and 6 to allow the user to choose a despatch date and see the price breakdown before having to upload technical documents

Version 1.0.6
Release Date: 01/04/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Bug fixes in pricing
  • • Show 3 decimal positions in all prices in step 3

Version 1.0.5
Release Date: 30/03/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Improvements to PCB panelisation before it is sent to the PCB supplier
  • • Incorrect login messages are now generic regardless of the type of error (eg. correct email but incorrect password, email not found or not validated, etc.) to add a security layer

Version 1.0.4
Release Date: 24/03/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • My Orders > Order > Files: don't show files for download that don't exist
  • • Step 3: save supplier order code in components table for better PO generation
  • • Step 6: more precise lead times used depending on PCB number of layers and quantity, or if the PCB is free issued
  • • Step 7, bug fix: don't show an empty alert if everything is OK
  • • Step 7, bug fix: if step 4 is not complete, show PCB price as £0
  • • Step 7: check if the date is still available before submitting an order and, if it isn't, show warning message and don't allow to submit it
  • • Bug fix for generating and saving QR code for free issue PCBs
  • • Updated images for PCB DFM tips number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • • Bug fix for upserting in the database
  • • Bug fix for Save button
  • • SEO Tagging

Version 1.0.3
Release Date: 17/03/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Icons added for: Save Quote / Help - View Video / Raise a Ticket in each step
  • • Added video tutorials
  • • Bug fix in step 1: Project details changes are saved and displayed when going back to that step
  • • Reworded instructions in the blue card header in steps 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
  • • Removed requirement text in step 2 to use SAS-stocked components as the search function has been improved
  • • Removed requirement text in steps 2 and 3 (Select Component) to not use special characters, are they now ignored
  • • Removed Attributes icon in step 3 (Select Component) and only left website link, as it is more useful and the popover sometimes flickered so quickly that it couldn't be read (bug to be fixed at a later date)
  • • Bug fix in step 3: searching for a component that is DNF works
  • • Bug fix in step 3: correct row colours derived from aforementioned problem with DNF components
  • • Bug fix in step 3: unticking FI components always works, as sometimes the FI box would be automatically ticked after manually unticking it!
  • • Bug fix in step 3: all components are stored in the components table
  • • Disabled PCB material dropdown in step 4 for clarity, as only one PCB material is currently being offered
  • • Step 4: Added a tooltip to make it clear that gold fingers are only supported if the PCB size is over 50mm x 50mm
  • • Bug fix in step 4: if layers / thickness / copper weight are incompatible with each other but were previously selected, on changing one of the dropdowns that create an incompatibility, the others go to default value
  • • Improved step 5 visualisation by writing the expected file type in bold red
  • • Step 7 doesn't allow the user to submit the quote if the requried dispatch date is invalid, either because the date is in the past (if recovering a saved quote), or if there is not enough lead time (if changing the quantity in step 1 and going straight to step 7, for example).
  • • Bug fix: confirmation emails are always sent, regardless if there is a QR code pdf attachment or not
  • • Bug fix: QR codes stay the same for the same component and don't update on the database
  • • Bug fix: QR code for free issue PCBs didn't appear if parts were also free issued; now, QR codes appear for both parts and PCBs if that's the case
  • • My Orders / Order Screen: prettified names for panel dimensions
  • • My Orders / Order Screen: project details to be read by columns and not rows as it is clearer
  • • Capabilities page: clarified that 2oz copper weight is only available for 1.6mm or 2mm thick PCBs
  • • PCB panelisation improvements and optimisations
  • • Removed 'How to Order' and 'Who Are We?' buttons from top banner of the webiste for neater visuals
  • • Speech bubble at the bottom right corner opens a chat drawer on the right instead of being redirected to the tickets screen, so that current page is not lost
  • • Bug fix for dates displayed in Tickets mobile view
  • • Added PCB Design For Manufacturing section
  • • Added CAPTCHA in the Sign Up form
  • • Added CAPTCHA in the 'Contact Us' section to avoid spam
  • • Added Union Jack flag and image map in the 'Contact Us' section

Version 1.0.2
Release Date: 16/02/2022

This release includes the following features:

  • • Send an email with a link to authenticate new accounts
  • • Price improvement
  • • Cache performance enhancements
  • • Fixed how Digikey internal part number code is saved in the database
  • • Bug fix on step 3, in case there is no description column or the description is blank
  • • Bug fix on step 3 for BOM rows colours
  • • Restricted PCB thickness, copper weight and golden fingers options depending on number of layers chosen, as per PCB supplier
  • • Introduced a minimum PCB size of 6mm x 6mm if SAS is supplying the PCBs
  • • Made it clear in step 4 that we currently don't offer castellated holes
  • • Added a reminder that, if the PCB is out of our capabilities, we can still do the assembly if the customer free-issues the boards
  • • Added PCB capabilities page and created a link to it in step 4
  • • Bug fix on step 5, so that trying to upload a whole directory doesn't break the page
  • • Text added on step 7 checkbox: "...and that they match SAS capabilities as per the list here."
  • • UX improvement: user can not move between quote steps until steps 1 and 2 are completed, as a manual quote would require these steps as a minimum
  • • Styling fixes for pdf invoice

Version 1.0.1
Release Date: 11/02/2022

This release is focused on performance improvements and bug fixes, detailed below:

  • • Added step numbers, changed some icons and modified step descriptions on the Quote timeline for easier reference to the different steps
  • • Clearer Board Population options (text change)
  • • Improved visualisation for Free Issue components in the BOM
  • • Improved SAS component matching function by allowing blank spaces between the value and the unit
  • • BOM Import blankifies special / unsupported characters
  • • Search component improvements in the BOM
  • • Improved component filtering
  • • BOM colours fixes and improvements
  • • Components ordered by price and stock level
  • • Cache updates
  • • Allowed Free-Issuing of PCBs or panels, and input the dimensions of each accordingly
  • • Clearer Technical Files upload descriptions
  • • Fixed Invoice printing format
  • • Added suggestions on what to do if printing doesn't work
  • • Added fallback in case PCB provider's API is down
  • • Optimisations for PCB panels and stencils
  • • If all parts are THT, do not order stencils
  • • Prettified customer Order screen and showed user-friendly field names
  • • General styling enhancements
  • • Added FAQs regarding components and suppliers
  • • Added SEO

Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 04/02/2022

The main features of this release are the addition of Digikey and SAS itself as suppliers, and also the displaying of similar products under components in the Component Search window. Features include:

  • • Added SAS components selection in the Component Search
  • • Introduced Digikey components in the Component Search
  • • Component Search includes similar components to make it easier for the customer to find alternatives, for example in case of their desired component being out of stock
  • • New category added in BOM editor step 3: "Found but not in stock", in blue
  • • Components Search displays out of stock items, which are greyed out (instead of simply being filtered out)
  • • Components Search displays lead time (if available through the supplier) for products that are out of stock
  • • A new row has been added to Components Search so that the information for that part is displayed
  • • A tickets bubble has been added to make support tickets more accessible
  • • BOM Editor step 2 allows an optional description field to be specified, which is used for component search when the part number field is left blank (intentionally to look for generic SAS-stocked components, or not)
  • • UI/UX has been tidied up to ease accesibilty and use of the site on mobile
  • • General improvement to UI so that the majority of pages are shown as single page and don't need scrolling
  • • General Performance and Bug Fixes
  • • Allowed decimal positions in PCB dimensions
  • • Added release notes pages
  • • Upgraded graphics and images
  • • Improved calendar visualisation
  • • Enchanced pdf print-outs format
  • • Consideration for daylight savings added