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General Questions

Yes, you need an account to gain access to the instant quote tools. But don't worry, the registration takes less than 60 seconds and we only ask for your name and email, although you can add some extra information if you want to! We promise not to spam you - unless you tick the box to accept marketing, in which case you give us permission to send you emails from time to time, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

At the moment we offer standard shipping within mainland UK. However, you can request a manual quote at the end of process and ask for shipping outside of mainland UK, and we will do our very best to accommodate.

How long is a piece of string? :) The PCB production usually takes 7 days for PCB quantities below 25, or 14 days for more than 25 boards. Unless your design is extremely complex, we can generally do the assembly of components and inspection in a day, and ship the same or next day. Add a couple of days for the delivery (depending on the courier) and that's it! All in all, you can expect your PCBAs to be with you within 10 to 20 days from placing the order. You can track the order status from My Account / My Orders.

By the way, if you are free-issuing components, we can't start until we have received them all!

Knowledge Database

  • PCB: Printed Circuit Board - the bare board, ready to be populated with the components
  • PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly - the board with the electronic components
  • SMT / SMD: Surface Mount Technology / Device - components that are placed and soldered on the surface of the board. They can be automatically picked and placed and soldered in position by our clever Mycronic machines.
  • THT / THD: Through-Hole Technology / Device - the opposite of SMT / SMD. These components have legs that go through the PCB and are soldered on the opposite side.
  • AOI: Automatic Optical Inspection - all of our assemblies are automatically inspected for short circuits, dry joints, correct placement and orientation, etc. by our state-of-the-art Omron machines.

Components and Suppliers

When using our BOM Editor tool, you will be able to choose components from Farnell, Mouser, ANglia and Digikey, as well as SAS-stocked parts. We are working on adding Arrow and Avnet too.

Here at SAS we stock the most commonly used SMD resistors and capacitors, which we offer to our customers free of charge. You will be able to identify them on the BOM editor as they will have a cost of £0 and will have our logo as the product image. If our software finds a SAS part which is a match for your BOM part, said BOM line will appear in bold.

We offer these parts for free to help you to keep the cost of your assembly down, and also to make our life a little simpler, as we already have them in reels, ready for our pick and place machine to use them. This means that we don't have to deal with re-reeling components. All of our SAS parts are supplied by Anglia; the resistors are manufactured by Anglia, and the capacitors are a combination of Samsung Electronics and Murata.

Quote and Order Questions

Most definitely yes! You can place the order with us and select the option to upload your PCB data later. Please note that, in this case, we might not be able to fulfill the dispatch date if we don't get all the information that we need in a timely manner. We will let you know if the build date is approaching and we still need some information from you.

After you have submited your order, we will issue you a QR code for each free-issued component. You simply need to print the page, cut the QR codes and attach them to the corresponding bag for each component. You can also download and print the QR codes from My Account / My Orders.

Yes! After every step through the Quote process, there is a "Save & Next" button which automatically saves the quote for you. You can then retrieve your saved quotes in My Account / My Saved Quotes, and you will also be reminded of your saved quotes when you click on "New Instant Quote". Simple.

You can check the status of your orders through My Account / My Orders and clicking on the corresponding order. We will also email you every time that there is a status update.

N/A days mean that either there is not enouogh lead time for us, or that we are already to maximum capacity for that day.

For Quotes:

Please submit a ticket by going to My Account / My Saved Quotes, look for the desired quote and click on the corresponding "Create New Ticket". The new ticket will be automatically associated with that quote.

For Orders:

Please submit a ticket by going to My Account / My Orders, look for the desired order, click on the Tickets tab and "Create New Ticket". The new ticket will be automatically associated with that order.

Alternatively, you can go to My Account / My Support Tickets, and select "Create New Ticket", where you will be able to select if you want to associate the question to a quote/order or not.

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