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Top Tips for New Designers

Designing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) involves multiple iterations before achieving the perfect functionality. While some designers may overlook Design for Manufacture (DFM) considerations, SAS highly recommends incorporating DFM from the start of the design process. This helps build a functional circuit and PCB Assembly (PCBA) during the first pre-production run, ensuring the easiest PCB manufacturing experience. Just like a house needs a solid foundation, your PCB requires a solid DFM approach.

However, DFM can be intimidating, especially for new electronic designers. To help, our experienced team of engineers have compiled a list of top tips for designers creating electronic circuit boards. Click on each card for detailed information.

tip 1 image
Tip 1:
Importance of Panel and Board Fiducials
tip 1 image
Tip 2:
Importance of Panel Borders
tip 7 image
Tip 7:
Thermal Relief on THT Ground Apertures
tip 8 image
Tip 8:
Position your Parts with Manufacturing in Mind

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